Beautiful Mornings

While I generally like snow in winter, I have to say I love the beauty of North Carolina with or without snow. We have a small lake by our house, and it makes me dream of places I have never been. Wonderful for inspiration and photos. Here’s to hoping your world is just as beautiful.

Strands of Mermaid Hair Has Been Released!

This novel has been a long time in coming. So long, in fact, I finished all three manuscripts before even editing this one. Some of you may remember the short story of this manuscript. A lot of readers told me they wanted a novel. So, here it is–the first of three anyway. I hope you […]

Long Weekend of Editing

I spent most of the weekend editing Strands of Mermaid Hair, and it definitely paid off. The novel has been uploaded to various ebook distributors, so hopefully I will soon have links to post. As such, I’m currently thinking about where my writing will next take me. So many options, so little time. I don’t […]