Returning to the World of Wings

Having just finished a middle grade novel written for my daughter with her idea as the focus, I have decided to return to the world of angel wings and start writing through the story line for the next Sojourner book. It’s going to be darker with fallen angels thrown into the mix and Lev questioning […]

Beautiful Mornings

While I generally like snow in winter, I have to say I love the beauty of North Carolina with or without snow. We have a small lake by our house, and it makes me dream of places I have never been. Wonderful for inspiration and photos. Here’s to hoping your world is just as beautiful.

Strands of Mermaid Hair Has Been Released!

This novel has been a long time in coming. So long, in fact, I finished all three manuscripts before even editing this one. Some of you may remember the short story of this manuscript. A lot of readers told me they wanted a novel. So, here it is–the first of three anyway. I hope you […]

Long Weekend of Editing

I spent most of the weekend editing Strands of Mermaid Hair, and it definitely paid off. The novel has been uploaded to various ebook distributors, so hopefully I will soon have links to post. As such, I’m currently thinking about where my writing will next take me. So many options, so little time. I don’t […]