The Whispers Has Been Released!

Newly released: The WhispersThe only thing worse than an abusive husband is a dead abusive husband bent on revenge.That’s what Kate Thibeaux is facing, considering last year she killed her own husband, Kevin Garrison, when he’d left her no choice. She’s changed her name, her looks, and everything else about her, as if that would stop Kevin. Kevin haunts her every step, and she wonders if she’s going crazy when she moves back to her hometown in a last-ditch effort to leave the past behind.Kevin, however, won’t be forgotten even as Kate reunites with her best friend, Melody Kriss, who introduces her to her step-brother, Adam Kriss. Neither Melody nor Adam knows about Kevin, but some people refuse to stay buried. When their lives collide, Kate isn’t looking for love, and Adam isn’t looking to save anyone, but sometimes people find what they need in the last places they expect.




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