A Talisman of Song

Prince Brannon has no love for his cruel father, King Roderick, who sets his guards against his own son and plunging his kingdom into chaos. Yet the King has another child, one due  any day—a child he’ll be able twist into the kind of king Brannon will never become.  

As such, Brannon must not only stay a step ahead to save his own life but to seek the woman who can change everything with  only a magical song, even reversing death itself, a woman  even now doomed to an unimaginable fate.

When the  newborn prince dies suddenly, she becomes the most sought after individual  in the kingdom —more so, even, than Brannon himself.  Once Roderick has her, he’ll force her to resurrect the dead child and kill her after, unless Brannon can somehow save both her and the kingdom he loves.