It’s Not About Destination

Autism can be a formidable challenge to any family. It has a way of draining energy, causing chaos, and putting everyone involved in a tail spin. Anybody who has heard the word autism knows it’s a difficult disorder even if he or she doesn’t have any personal involvement with this condition. That’s the hard part. But what about the flip side? Yes, there is one. The things your child does that other children don’t, the gifts your child alone has, and the love you could never imagine having without your autistic child. Whether you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, a teacher with autistic students, or maybe even someone who just wants different information about autism, It’s Not About Destination invites you to take a time out from the difficult part of autism and celebrate the gift of life that’s been presented. You know you want to. And this book is just waiting for you to see autism from a different point of view.