Skin of Silver, Eyes of Bright

Once, there was a young woman who fell so deeply in love with someone she could not have that she lost all hope, and in that despairing, she threw herself into the sea, wishing it would claim her. The sea is not to be toyed with or wished upon, but that is another story.  What this young woman did not know, what she did not remember is that she already belonged to the sea.  She was a mermaid princess who had long ago been transformed into a human.  Yet the sea remembered her as her mother took her into the depths to unbreak a heart not meant to love a mortal.  But love is not fickle.  It is everlasting, and even an older promise to a merman who watched her from grow up from afar and loved her beyond measure could not change fate’s decree.

I should know.  I was that long lost mer princess, and this is the story of my return to the mermaid realm.

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