Skunks, Trunks, And Pedro

Chris Banks, a newly appointed sheriff, is up for a rude awakening as Wallace and Willie Gumble, two backwoods twins with more money than sense, strive to break every stupid law on the books, including whaling…in Oklahoma. All Chris wants to do is propose to Debbie Morgan and settle into small-town bliss. But with a town mayor who dresses up like a skunk, a stuffed buffalo named Pedro making appearances, and a bipolar midget chasing a circus-trained elephant named Trunks, it’s going to take a miracle to get the words, “Will you marry me?” out.

There’s also Richard Stone, a close friend who is dying from cancer. Chris is his only option to care for his sixteen-year-old daughter, Shelly. Chris can’t seem to handle the wildlife and isn’t so sure he’s going to fare much better with a teenager, but when life hands you livestock, you just have to join the herd. For Chris, that just might mean a life not only with Debbie but also Shelly.

Screenplay available