Up from the Deep, Deep Dark

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who thought she would be a queen. In time, she might have married her prince and taken the throne beside him, but this princess did not know she was a mermaid turned human and that the realm she would rule would be the world of her birth, one her sister had long abandoned. She did not know her beloved would be forced to marry another to save his kingdom from war. Most of all, she did not know that love is rarely a reason to do anything.

In order to rule, she would marry a merman in spite of loving her human prince and suffer great cruelty from her mother. But the crown would be hers when her mother died, murdered by human traitors. She would have to find a way to bring two races together to save not only the merman who was her husband but also the human she loved so deeply and dreamed so desperately to return to. And if she failed, she might yet be considered traitor to the mer in spite of her tail and both races would be lost to suffering.

In another’s eyes, this story would an endless love story, but for me, it was my life. I am Alannah of the humans and Halelannah of the mer.