Dreamwalker: Reckoning

Misha Malloy is lucky–she has a dream of a guy who loves her, literally. Her boyfriend, Ramsey, is a dreamwalker from the world of Alterna. In Dreamwalker, he came to protect her from his younger brother, Elijah, who covets all that his older brother has, including Misha and the throne of Alterna that Ramsey will one day ascend to. Yes, he will one day be king…if Elijah doesn’t kill him first. Misha knows Elijah has taken Ramsey deep into Alterna. She knows because Elijah taunts her with nightmares of Ramsey’s death at his hands, drawing Misha into a world she thinks is only a dream, a place she thinks she’s never really been, but there’s much Misha doesn’t know.