Strands of Mermaid Hair

There was once a girl child found after a thunderstorm amid a wash of shells and sea foam by Orsino, a grief-stricken king who’d only just buried his wife and unborn daughter. The king raised the child alongside his son, Orlando, dismissing the local belief she must be a mermaid. As the years passed, the girl grew into a beautiful young woman, the fairest in the land. As she grew, so did Orlando…and a love between them that even the changing tides could not break. She was never meant to be a princess but rather a woman to be loved by a prince. 

While love’s aim flies true, his timing fails the target. Even the strongest of romance is no match for war–this I promise you. For I am the mermaid child, and this is my story.

Vocals and Music by Laura Moyers/Lyrics by Maria Rachel Hooley