Leaving the Nest

Jeff Weslin is tired of living with his brother, Conrad, who dresses in gaudy 70’s clothes and works as a stuntman on a soap opera. Annie Harris could also live without her nyphomanical twin, Abbie, who breaks more ‘erector sets’ than the average eight-year-old. When Conrad and Abbie go out on a date, Annie and Jeff are thrown together. They find they have much in common besides siblings who share a SpongeBob SquarePants obsession. Of course, the deck is stacked against Annie and Jeff unless they can get their annoying siblings to move out. Yet with Conrad still reeling from a penis fracture and hiding from Abbie, the destructor of all things masculine, setting the two of them up for anything permanent seems out of the picture. Still, Jeff and Annie are just desperate enough to get a little crazy, and crazy might just get the job done. 

Screenplay available